GRE Coaching in Hyderabad

 GRE-Graduate Record Examination
The GRE exam primarily tests your aptitude for logic and reasoning. While it is true that you would need to have working knowledge of many words, simply knowing the meaning of the word will not help you in getting a good score. What you need to know is how these words operate in conjuction with other words and with the sentences they are in.
Understanding this logic will help you in being able to answer the GRE questions and in quite a few cases help you answer the questions even without knowing the meaning of the words and even in the worst cases help you in guessing the right answer.

Total Duration: 4 / 8 weeks (Verbal aptitude, Quantitative aptitude, and Analytical Writing Assesment)
Personalised coaching (individual sessions with the trainer) is also provided. Please contact us for further details and fee structure.

The first week of the course will look at the basics of vocabulary. This includes:
Basic list of words that you need.

  • Overview of some root words
  • Words forms
  • Parts of speech
  • Relations between words
The Second week will start with the logic and practice tests and continue with learning a few more words and the logic involved in:

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Sentence Completion
  • Understanding and Using new words
Quantitative Aptitude will include exercises designed to help both the beginners and the advanced learners with questions arranged from the level of easy going to very difficult. It will help those from non-mathematics background to know that GRE does not have any mathematics that an average Indian would not have done in school.